Private Investigation Services

Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

 A large majority of the work we undertake on a daily basis is for various  companies. We have completed investigations for sole traders and large businesses across the UK and the rest of the world.  Our specialist team of Private Investigators are available 24/7 to assure we meet your needs as a client. Your personal investigator will keep you updated throughout the entire investigation, and you will receive a full detailed report which is a date and time stamped with photographic evidence. 

Our Company complies with the data protection act within the UK and all our investigators are fully DBS Checked. We guarantee confidentiality within the legal limits of the country the investigation is carried out in.  ​Here are some examples of the Corporate Investigations we have carried out:  

  •  Debtor Tracing: We locate people who owe you money. 
  •  Full Background Checks.  
  •  GPS Vehicle Tracking: Vehicle tracking is a very cost effective  method of gathering information.  
  •   Surveillance.   
  •   Counter Surveillance.  
  •   Process Serving: All investigators are experienced Process Servers.  
  •   Criminal Investigation.  
  •   Fraud Investigation.  

Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity investigations

  Do you suspect that your partner is having an affair?

  • Have you noticed changes in their behaviour?  
  • Do you think they are keeping secrets?  
  • Hiding their phone?  
  • Unexplained costs on the bank statement?  
  • Same excuses all the time?
  • Are you sitting at home worrying?  
  • Need answers to these questions?  

 Don't worry, we are here 

to help you find the truth.

How can we help? 

  • The first thing to do is contact us!
  •  We can then discuss your concerns and the services available to you.

Don't sit at home worrying!

  •  Once you have instructed us on your situation we will offer you a number of services. This may include following your partner to document their activities. 
  • We will prove once and for all if your suspicions are correct. 
  •  We understand that discretion and value for money is of major importance to our clients. 
  • We are able to offer a friendly and sympathetic ear to those who are nervous about contacting an investigator for the first time. 
  •  A tactful and covert investigation can generally either restore the confidence in a relationship or at least give you closure and  evidence you need to move forward. 



 We specialise in the art of surveillance, we have extensive experience investigating cases of  covert surveillance, product theft, insurance fraud and infidelity. We have conducted surveillance all over the UK and internationally. 

Surveillance is the best available tool to an investigator. This means following the subject where ever they go, this could involve following by car, foot, public transport and sometimes on aeroplanes. 

Our investigators will spend a lot of their time watching the subject to establish a daily pattern and they will record and photograph everything the subject does during the day. Using the latest technology available we will find the answers you need.   

Once our investigation is complete, we  will provide a detailed report of the subject's movements and actions. This includes a copy of any videos, photographs or any other evidence obtained during the course of the investigation  

GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking

 GPS Vehicle Tracking can be used for a wide range of investigations ​ 

Company cars: to track usage during company time.

Staff safety and protection: track the movements of the staff member if you feel he/she is at risk.  

Your personal cars which maybe used by your partner or spouse: to track movements in a day.

​ ​We can monitor vehicle locations 24 hours a day. This technology is often utilised in cases involving domestic surveillance where a pattern of behaviour needs to be established. Alongside the GPS vehicle trackers  we can gather video and photographic evidence which can be admissible in court. They can also be used by businesses to  provide valuable information regarding the use of fleet or company vehicles.  

Missing People

missing person

  Looking to find a missing person?

 Our private Investigators can find missing people worldwide.

 We have been successful locating old friends, parents, long lost relatives, partners, spouses and tracing debtors. 

So if you need to find someone contact us today.  We have the expertise to locate anyone 

We can help if your search falls into any of the following categories: 

  • Old friends which you seek to make contact with again.
  • We can help find lost relatives.  
  • People who had a partner in the past, but have long since lost touch and are now looking to locate them again.  
  • We also can help to trace debtors who have absconded without paying their outstanding debts.


Counter Surveillance

counter surveillance

 ​Counter surveillance is to take measures to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance.

 Counter surveillance may include electronic methods such as bug sweeping (the process of detecting surveillance devices including covert listening devices), visual surveillance devices and counter surveillance software to stop unwanted attempts by cyber criminals to access your computing and mobile devices.  

We often think that counter surveillance is only used by governments and big companies, but within our growing world of smart phones and the internet it is starting to be used more by smaller companies and individuals to help protect themselves.

 All our private investigators are trained in all types of counter surveillance. They will help to advise you on the benefits of counter surveillance and the services you may need.